Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love my midwife :)

Other than the driving to her house, which you have to go down some po-dunk roads in Hardin County, my midwife is great!!! I just had an appt. last night urine and sugar was great. My Hemoglobin was 14!!! I hope it stays up that high. Heartbeat was 146, she said "sounds like another girl to me," so Jason is pretty bummed about that, he is really hoping for a son. Other than that, we just talked about births and my hopes for this birth and things that scare me, etc. Those are the kinds of things that are wayyy better than seeing a physician, well, because other than that it sounds like a doctor visit, right? But according to ACOG I'm not even getting any "prenatal care." This is me rolling my eyes at you ACOG.


Mandie said...

Rolling my eyes with you.

Glad you love your midwife!!! :) She sounds really nice. Are you planning on having a u/s to find out the gender for sure?

kirkmanfamily said...

No, we are fairly sure that unless medically justified that we aren't going to have an ultrasound. And if we end up having one, we still aren't going to find out. :) It was wayyyyy to cool to not know with Allyson.

Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

ah melissa. i know im late on this but im soo glad that you love your midwife. it makes a huge difference.
can't wait to hear your birth story